Even during the coronavirus crisis: Fortuna is here for you.


Dear Customers


The current situation is a new and challenging one for us all. The rapid spread and wide-ranging effects of coronavirus demand flexibility and a great deal of understanding for the fact that some things right now are not the way they used to be.


As insurers, we are also dealing with questions in relation to coronavirus. For us, one thing is clear: the health of the population comes first. We are doing all we can to keep the risk of contagion as low as possible. We are fortunate to have a technical infrastructure that allows our employees to continue working from home.


You can still reach your regular contacts

That means that we are still here for you. You can still reach your usual contacts by phone or e-mail.


We understand that you may well have many questions about the coronavirus and what it means for your insurance. We are making every effort to ensure we can give you the best possible service despite the limitations posed by this unique situation. We thank you for your understanding if waiting times are longer than usual.


Thank you for your trust.


Georgios Koletsis

General Manager Fortuna

Postal service restrictions

Due to the coronavirus, postal services have been severely restricted and even halted completely for certain countries. This means that our letters are currently being delivered very late or not at all.


The delivery of mail items addressed to us is also currently affected by these restrictions. This means that letters from customers might not reach us for some time.


If you are expecting to receive post from us, please contact us by phone or e-mail.