Plan 301 - Active - Diversified Income CHF


  • 30% FORTUNA Bond Fund CHF
  • 15% Pictet Funds (CH)-Bonds EUR R Cap
  • 10% BSI-Multibond CHF
  • 10% DWS (CH) - Bond Fonds (CHF)
  • 10% FORTUNA Equity Fund Switzerland
  • 10% UBS (CH) Bond Fund - CHF
  • 5% BSI-Multinippon
  • 5% JSS EmergingSar - Global P USD dist
  • 5% UBS (CH) Property Fund - Swiss Mixed «Sima»

Investment Goal

Investment plan No. 301 suits for investors who seek:

  • to achieve an attractive long-term yield with a moderate risk by taking advantage of the diversification effect
  • an as far as possible constant and diversified long-term investment ensured by the technique of Rebalancing in line with the strategy chosen by the investors themselves
  • to invest security-oriented investing only 20%of the portfolio in equities to avoid short-term fluctuations in share prices.


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