Plan 220 - Target 5 - CHF


  • Volatility target 5%
  • Max. equity component 30%

The Target investment plans are suited to investors with a preference for actively managed funds who want to access the return potential of a variety of asset classes and are aware of the advantages of dynamic risk optimisation.

Investment Goal

Actively managed investment funds are used, in a broadly diversified manner, to invest in a large number of asset classes with strong potential. The «Target 5 - CHF» investment plan has a volatility target of 5%, towards which the fund's composition is dynamically oriented. This systematic approach to the monitoring of volatility makes it possible for the investment to be constantly optimised. In addition, the plan is rebalanced once a month to realign the percentage weighting of the individual funds. With a maximum equity component of 30%, the investment approach is balanced and favours CHF. The objective of this strategy is to grow assets over the long term while keeping price fluctuations to as low a level as possible.


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